• Pairing books with outdoor play is such a fun way to help little ones explore the world around them, and these nature board books for toddlers and preschoolers can offer us the ability to do just that!
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    Nature Books for Toddlers & Preschoolers

    Our weather for the last few days around here has been beautiful, and it has made me want to dig into all of our nature books with my toddler! I pulled some nonfiction nature books for toddlers and preschoolers off our shelves, and I’m here to tell you all about them. All of these books come from Usborne Books & More, a company for which I’m proud to be a consultant. I earn commission on any books you may choose to purchase through the links on this page, and I’m grateful any time I play a small role in helping to get a book into a child’s hands! Little Lift…

  • 18 month old board books
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    Board Books My 18 Month Old Loves

    A couple months ago I posted about board books my son loved as a 16 month old, and now here I am with an 18 month old! Let’s talk about some board books for 18 month olds! Most of the board books in the 16 month old board books post are still big hits around here, so if you’re looking for book recommendations for a little one around this age, you might want to check out that post as well. My 18 month old loves books in general, but these are the books he asks me to read most often. As was the case with the 16 month list, there…

  • Road trip with a one year old

    Our First Road Trip with a One Year Old

    After the crazy year we had in 2020 of never really leaving home, we didn’t get to take our first road trip with our one year old until a few weeks ago when we made the 6.5-hour drive to visit my grandpa in Ohio. I’m not sure if we actually did things right or if we just got lucky with this particular road trip, but it went surprisingly well! Let’s talk about what we did to prepare for our road trip to make it as easy as possible for my husband and me, as well as for the little one.

  • No cloth diapering family is the same, but here are all my tips on how to make it work for your family!
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    What We’ve Learned from Cloth Diapering Our First Baby

    I first became interested in cloth diapering long before I was even pregnant with my son. I think I saw someone on Instagram talking about it in their stories, and I filed it away for later. Early on in my pregnancy, I posed the idea of cloth diapering to my husband, and he was immediately on board! I did a deep dive into researching all the ins and outs of cloth diapers, learned a ton, and did a few things right and a few things wrong. You can learn so much online about cloth diapering, but the most important lessons come with your own firsthand experience as you discover how…

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    Board Books My 16 Month Old Loves

    I’ve always known the importance of reading to kids from an early age, and since I’m a big reader myself, it wasn’t hard for me to make reading with my son a habit beginning when he was a newborn. He’s enjoyed books since he was tiny, but lately I’ve seen his interest in his board books grow even more. Often, he wants to spend 30 to 45 minutes at a time engaged with listening to the stories, looking at the pictures, and turning the pages. It has been so sweet to watch his love of books develop, and I so enjoy our precious reading time together each day.

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    Raising a Foodie with Baby-Led Weaning

    Oliver and I are both “foodies” through and through. We love trying new foods and flavors together. When I was pregnant with our son and before I’d really researched baby-led weaning, we thought, “Oh no… what if we have a picky eater??”