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    Dairy-Free Peanut Butter Apple Ice Cream

    Well, y’all, it looks like you might be getting a lot more dairy-free recipes around here. You might remember that I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’d been skipping the dairy for a while to decide if I was lactose intolerant. The verdict is out. Definitely lactose intolerant. Which meeeeaaaannns…

  • A lactose-free twist on a classic Jell-O salad recipe, perfect for serving as a simple dessert or side dish!

    Jell-O Foam Salad (lactose-free)

    With Easter coming up this weekend and spring finally beginning, it seemed an appropriate time to share a sweet, pastel-colored recipe with you. This Jell-O Foam Salad (or as we so eloquently referred to it–“foam”)

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    Peach & Cherry Crisp

    Anyone else out there just NOT a huge fan of Valentine’s Day? I mean, I’m all for love and chocolate and flowers, but can we skip some of this other stuff?

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    Cloud Snickerdoodles & More!

    Alright, y’all. It’s been a week since Thanksgiving, and Christmas is well on its way. It’s time to start thinking seriously about food again. (That is, if you’re not the type of person who wakes up everyday thinking about what’s for dinner anyway… I am.)

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    Cloud Snickerdoodles

    Last Friday we did the unthinkable (for me, anyway) and adopted a kitten. I’ve always been a dog person.  My family had several dogs as I was growing up, plus a gecko, some frogs, toads, a few fish, a dwarf hamster, a pregnant snail (which came home from some sort of school project), sea monkeys (do those count?), but never ever a cat.